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The Warlock is very similar to the Wizard but without the signature bead. As a result, the Warlock is dead-straight and stable out of the box with a later low-speed fade when thrown hard.

You'll find the Warlock to be a great putter to complement your Wizard.

What coffee is in the disc:
Tomb of Caffeination: Are you ready to go on an adventure? Our first espresso, Tomb of Caffeination, will take you on a flavor journey. A chocolate bomb with graham cracker notes and a touch of fruity strawberry dominate this Italian inspired espresso blend. Tomb of Caffeination is perfect as a shot of espresso, a fancy pour over, or in a mug from your favorite drip machine.


Flight Numbers: 2 | 3 | 0 | 1

Smugglers Coffee Special Blend Warlock

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